Theatre Museums around the World

London England’s Theatre Museum (now part of the V&A Museum)

Theatre Collection, NYC Museum

Melbourne Australia Arts Centre’s Performing Arts Collection

Performing Arts Collection of South Australia

Queensland Performing Arts Museum (Brisbane, Australia)

His Majesty’s Theatre Collection (Perth, Australia)

Austrian Theatre Museum

The Flemish Theatre Institute (Belgium)

Czechoslovakia Theatre Institute

Denmark’s Theatre Museum

Finland’s Theatre Museum

France’s Comedie-Francais Museum (Paris)

German Theatre Museum

Greek Theatre Museum & Study Centre

Hungary’s National Theatre Historical Museum and Institute

Israel’s Theatre Museum & Archive (Jerusalem)

Japan’s Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum

Theater Instituut Nederland

Norway’s Theatre Museum

Portugal’s Theatre Museum

The Aleksei Bakhrushin Central Theatre Museum (Moscow, Russia)

Slovenian National Theatre Museum

Barcelona Spain’s Institut del Teatre

The Documentation Centre of Performing Arts in Andalusia, Spain

Theatre Museum at La Scala (Milan, Italy)

Switzerland’s Theatre Museum

Theatre Museum of Sweden

The Billy Rose Theatre Collection of The New York Public Library, USA

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